HSBC + The Medici Effect

Inspired by the principles of The Medici Effect, HSBC’s Global Banking & Markets group explores pathways to innovate at the intersection. Learn more about our innovation process, used by teams at organizations around the world..

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A full-scale upgrade of your organization’s culture of innovation.

Create groundbreaking new ideas that accelerate growth.

Strategies to connect diversity & inclusion (D&I) to your business.


Medici flips the script on events

We can help you create incredible diversity & inclusion conferences where we tie D&I to the business. Amazing experiential content, cutting-edge research, and innovation-driven solutions. Learn more on how we are are adding this major new capability to our D&I Portfolio.



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Go further

in an internship with Medici.

As an intern at Medici, you’ll help build a global community of extraordinary scholars and thought leaders or perform trailblazing research at the intersection of diversity and innovation.

Or, for the self-starters out there, you can explore new possibilities entirely.