An innovation ecosystem 


Inspired by The Medici Effect

Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia recently launched their Innovation Precinct, a hot bed for “transformative economic and social impact.” The space is designed to bring together diverse and inclusive teams to experiment freely in the creation of new ideas, and to bring The Medici Effect to life on campus.

Swinburne is a member of The Medici Effect Community.




A full-scale upgrade of your organization’s culture of innovation.

Create groundbreaking new ideas that accelerate growth.

Strategies to connect diversity & inclusion (D&I) to your business.


Diverse & Inclusive Teams

The New Engines of Growth

There’s a revolution coming—and it centers around teams.

In his keynote at the 2019 Great Place to Work For All Summit, The Medici Group CEO Frans Johansson shows why the organizations that excel in the future will structure themselves fundamentally differently, and why diverse inclusive teams will be the drivers of their success.



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HSBC + The Medici Effect

Inspired by the principles of The Medici Effect, HSBC’s Global Banking & Markets group explores pathways to innovate at the intersection. Learn more about Leonardo, our innovation process, used by teams at organizations around the world..

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