Our Thought Leadership

The body of knowledge, models, and methods we have developed solving
people and growth challenges for over a decade.


The Medici Effect

The foundation of our thought leadership, The Medici Effect (Harvard Business School Press, 2004), by our CEO Frans Johansson, is an innovation classic that has influenced countless fields, including architecture and design, economic development, education, investment, media, technology, and more.

Over the years, we have codified and operationalized the ideas of the book to enable “Medici Effects” around the world. No other firm can put these ideas into practice better than us.

Frans Johansson shares example of how a hospital created a Medici Effect by drawing inspiration from the world of auto racing.

The Click Moment

Frans Johansson’s follow up book, The Click Moment (Penguin Portfolio, 2012), obliterates the idea that in business we can plan, strategize, and analyze our way to success—especially given the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) of the world today. The book itself shares some tools and frameworks The Medici Group has developed in its work with clients.

Today, we use the underlying principles of The Click Moment to help our clients reframe their innovation agenda and overcome the common traps of innovation.

Johansson describes the core premise behind his second book, THE CLICK MOMENT

Diversity Drives Innovation

Innovation today is less about expertise or specialization and more about connecting what you already know or own, with diverse concepts and insights from other industries, fields, and cultures. The faster and more easily you can find and exploit these intersections, the better off you are. And the best place to access this diversity is through people.

Diversity Drives Innovation is a model that connects diversity to the business, providing a concrete set of strategies for how to find, foster and activate the differences in the room or on a team.

Kristian Ribberstrom, Chief Experience Officer, at The Medici Group on diversity driving innovation.

Smallest Executable Step® (SES)

The Smallest Executable Step is our execution framework for overcoming innovation’s greatest challenge—that it is unpredictable. The SES has been powerfully addictive with our large corporate clients, enabling leaders to experiment and recalibrate risk.

Understanding The Medici Group's Smallest Executable Step approach to execution

Diversity Leadership Index™

The Diversity Leadership Index (DLI) is our tool for leaders to benchmark where their organization is on their diversity journey and the moves they need to make to establish diversity and inclusion as strategic to their innovation culture and business.