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Volta (Diversity & Inclusion)

Volta is infusing new energy into the diversity and inclusion (D&I) discourse, completely repositioning the way organizations address their D&I efforts. 

Volta is a portfolio of products, services, and tools with one goal: to connect D&I to the business. D&I efforts are escalating across the world as more companies come to understand the power of diversity as a driver of innovation. Most organizations, however, still struggle with integrating and sustaining these efforts within their business. Medici’s Volta portfolio of products and services will help you draw a clear line of sight between D&I and your organization’s innovation agenda.

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Leonardo (Innovation)

The need to create fresh, breakthrough ideas and to subsequently put those ideas into action has skyrocketed. Medici Leonardo™ is a time-tested suite of powerful products  for generating breakthrough ideas that we have implemented with thousands of teams around the world. By prioritizing diversity, serendipity, action over analysis, and speed, Leonardo products have  generated impactful growth opportunities at some of the highest-performing organizations in the world. Using a hybrid model of live, virtual, and digital elements, Leonardo enables organizations to search for inspiration in the most unexpected places.

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Renaissance (Transformation)

The Renaissance, one of the most inventive time periods in human history, flourished because of unlikely connections between teams of artists, inventors, scholars, scientists and more. To thrive in today’s unpredictable environment, organizations must set themselves up to create these same types of connections.

Organizations often invest in their people and their culture to shift mindsets and behaviors around team dynamics, only to hit a wall when they realize their organizational structure has not evolved to accommodate this shift. A more fundamental transformation is needed. Medici’s Renaissance platform delivers this transformation.