The Renaissance, one of the most inventive time periods in human history, flourished because of unlikely connections between teams of artists, inventors, scholars, scientists and more. To thrive in today’s unpredictable environment, organizations must set themselves up to create these same types of connections.

Organizations often invest in their people and their culture to shift mindsets and behaviors around team dynamics, only to hit a wall when they realize their organizational structure has not evolved to accommodate this shift. A more fundamental transformation is needed.

Meaningful transformation requires developing entirely new capabilities at every level within organizations in order to close this gap. This means evolving traditional operating models of divisions and departments to a more dynamic model driven by diverse and inclusive units that can reorganize and re-allocate, break apart and reform, expand and contract. Diverse and inclusive teams are the future of organizations and can uncover new pathways for growth and innovation far more expansively and rapidly than homogenous ones.

In order to remain competitive, all leaders will have to come to terms with this reality. The Renaissance Platform enables organizations to transform themselves into faster, high-performing entities right away. Our platform has been used to help thousands of teams around the world adopt growth and innovation-driven behaviors.

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“Through our work with Medici, we now embrace bold, new ideas, execute with speed, and take chances. It is this type of smart risk-taking that will sustain Synchrony's growth for the years to come. The Medici Approach has provided our leaders with the tools and mindset that will drive our company's long-term prosperity, and taught us today how to become tomorrow's innovators.”

MARGARET KEANE | CEO, Synchrony Financial


Team Mobilization: Integrate a transformational agenda within current work streams. No need to labor the organization with disruptive personnel shifts.

Activation Sessions: Engage participants through impactful, experiential sessions to quickly and effectively demonstrate the power of diverse and inclusive teams.

Data & Analytics: Gather and review data on individual team progress to generate insights on key growth indicators.


Virtual Coaching Platform: Level up teams wherever they are located, with coaches that help drive adoption of new behaviors.


Transformation as a Service: Onboard and off-board existing teams to the transformation platform at scale.


CEO and Executive Leadership Tracks: Guide executive leaders on strategy, organizational design, and team management.



Explore the full-scale transformation initiatives that our clients have undergone.


Leading R&D corporation: breaking down silos

A leading not-for-profit, focused on developing cutting edge technology and applied sciences, is currently using Renaissance to greatly expand their client base and tackle global challenges. This initiative is focused on breaking down silos and incorporating new leadership behaviors around risk-taking, speed and adaptability.


Disney World: upgrading the culture of innovation

A key park at Walt Disney World used the Renaissance platform to greatly enhance their ability to break down silos, move faster and scale winning solutions with cross-functional teams. They dropped the time of executing an innovative idea from 40 weeks to 6 weeks, and have since launched several new lines of business, such as the rapidly growing esports championships category.


Synchrony: creating bolder, faster, more agile leaders

Synchrony, a leading private label credit card issuer, used our platform to guide executive and senior leaders over a cross-functional, multi-year process to accelerate their culture of innovation. This included work with the CEO and her leadership team to develop new business initiatives for her 2020 vision strategy, impacting business units across the organization.


Global biopharma company: increasing speed and innovation

A Euro-based global biopharma company is using Renaissance across multiple teams and business units throughout the organization to upgrade their culture of innovation. This work will make them more adaptable in order to drive growth, and will prepare them to tackle critical challenges that the company will face in the future.