Venture Capitalists Seek to Minimize Risk. So, Where Are All the Female- Led VC Funded Start-ups?


Ever heard of the Medici Effect? It says the world’s greatest innovations have one thing in common: diversity of input resulting from convergence of ideas in art, science, astronomy, and engineering that occurred in Florence during the fifteenth century.

Study after study proves this to be the case today in business...

Diverse and inclusive teams / organizations in terms of gender, racial, ethnic, age, points of views and cognitive approaches bring a rich range of thinking and views to the table, including those of their customers. They not only make better decisions faster and are more innovative, but are also able to better execute on those decisions.

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Spotify Inclusion Summit 2018


The Medici Group created an epic event for Spotify, curating the experience with diverse voices on stage and interactive elements. A key takeaway:

Diversity and inclusion drive innovation and speed. If we want to get all the benefits that can come with diversity, we all need to be truly inclusive and don’t “culturally sanitize” ourselves. For an individual to hide their uniqueness is unhealthy, but also harmful to innovation, as it takes away the diversity that can give us an innovative edge. On the contrary, we need to find the different aspects of ourselves, our personal diversity, and use it together with our team members’ diversity. That will make us “cultural alchemists” who can turn diversity into gold.

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Despite efforts, Uber's diversity report shows women account for just 38% of its staff [Press]

On Uber’s latest diversity report, The Medici Group’s CEO Frans Johansson:

“While a loss in general female representation in leadership is non-ideal, the gains made by Uber’s female tech leadership is very encouraging. The case can be made that this metric is far more interesting and valuable, especially as it pertains to innovation and business performance, for Uber and tech companies in general.”

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Stories of Impact: Ocean State Innovate Tackles Issues of Food Security in Rhode Island

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The Howard R. Swearer Center at Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) convened Rhode Island community members, leaders and students to address food-related challenges at Ocean State Innovate (OSI) 2018. The day-and-a-half intensive forum was made possible in collaboration with The Medici Group, an innovation strategy firm founded by its current CEO and Brown University alum, Frans Johansson ‘95.

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These Three Phrases Are Killing Innovation At Your Workplace [Press]


Most of us want to work in an innovative workplace, but you could be subliminally creating a culture that squelches creative thinking. From conversations held during meetings to the tone of internal communications, words can send a message to employees that they shouldn’t spend time exploring new ideas, let alone bring them up to the team.

“We codify our behaviors, our instincts, and our thinking based on language, and it often happens in ways we don’t anticipate,” says Frans Johansson, author of The Medici Effect: What Elephants & Epidemics Can Teach Us about Innovation and CEO of The Medici Group, diversity and innovation consultants. “Certain terms and phrases get traction and are repeated over and over. Before you know it, it’s the way you talk within your culture.”

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Melinda Gates says this is the No. 1 thing we must do to find the next Bill Gates [Press]


If we want to discover the world's next Bill Gates, it's crucial that we start funding inclusive and diverse businesses, wrote to Melinda Gates in a recent LinkedIn post. According to diversity expert and author Frans Johansson, the economic effects could be widespread. "Diversity drives innovation," he tells CNBC Make It. "Diverse teams can make things happen faster and with less resources."

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Don't Use These 3 Phrases If You You Want to Foster Innovation at Your Company [Press]


Innovation is one of the most powerful tools for business survival and growth in a fast-changing world.

Most companies still struggle to jump start innovative thinking because they overlook the small details embedded within an organization's culture: the everyday, ritualistic occurrences that subliminally signal to employees that they shouldn't spend time exploring a new idea, let alone bring it up to the rest of their team. The most pervasive of these subliminal signals are the words that a company allows in its everyday vocabulary, which may at first seem harmless, but in reality could be stifling innovation potential.

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Medici CEO Frans Johansson Honored by The New York Hall of Science (NYSCI)


We’re thrilled to share that The New York Hall of Science (NYSCI) is honoring our CEO Frans Johansson with this year’s Creative Entrepreneurship Award. 

Frans’s contributions to the field of innovation, specifically in the area of intersectional innovation, align with the NYSCI’s own values and commitment to inspiring innovation from diverse minds, peoples, ideas and concepts—a fitting tribute to NYSCI’s location in Queens, NY, one of the most diverse cities in the world.

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Frans Johansson Brings “The Medici Effect” to SITE+MPI Global Forum


ROME —The Medici Group's CEO Frans Johansson will keynote the 2018 SITE+MPI Global Forum in Rome, organized by Meeting Professionals International (MPI) and Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE). His talk will focus on the ideas of his book, The Medici EffectWhatever field or industry you are in, whatever expertise you have mastered, whatever norm or tradition you have come to understand—all of them are changing. To stay ahead of these changes and continuously innovate, step into the Intersection of fields, disciplines, industries and cultures.

In addition, Medici's Chief Experience Officer Kristian Ribberström will lead the Executive Master Class on The Medici Effect in Action.

Read more about the event here. Visit MPI and SITE.

Medici Teams Up for Second Year with Ocean State Innovate

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RHODE ISLAND —The Medici Group is excited to team up again with Ocean State Innovate to tackle community issues. This year's focus will be on FOOD. Ocean State Innovate was founded to bring together Rhode Islanders from diverse backgrounds to break down silos and make new solutions possible.

Interested community members are invited to apply to participate in the January 2018 two-day session, which will be designed and led by The Medici Group. 

This year's event is made possible through the partnership between Relish Rhody, the RI Food Policy Council, the RI Director of Food Strategy, and the Swearer Center at Brown University.