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The Medici Effect Explained

This video outlines what The Medici Effect is, how it’s applied in the world, and why it’s such a powerful way of operating, for the individual, all the way up to large organizations.

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The New Engines of Innovation

In this keynote address, Medici Founder and CEO Frans Johansson shows why the organizations that will excel in the future are the ones who structure themselves not in departments or division, but using diverse and inclusive teams.


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The Power of Serendipity

If anyone understands the power of the Medici Effect, it’s Disney Imagineer Joe Rohde. By seizing the unexpected and embracing his raw talent, Joe went from high school art and theatrical set design teacher to the creative genius behind Disney’s Animal Kingdom. In today’s episode, Joe shares how working in the Intersection helped him recognize his eureka moment and shape his personal story. He also shows us how to coordinate your project’s greatest impact, weighs in on the relationship between innovation and chance, and reveals how a single tiger set Disney’s wildest adventure in motion.   


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The New Engines of Innovation

In this blog post, Frans Johansson outlines why diverse and inclusive teams are the driving force behind growth and innovation. The simple answer: they have access to more resources, more ideas, and more pathways to execute on their ideas.


The Rising Trends of Diversity & Innovation

In this article, we outline a very important shift happening in the world: the convergence of the two trends of innovation and diversity. It is not a coincidence that these trends are on the rise. In fact, it is critical that organizations recognize and embrace this convergence if they want to compete in the 21st century. This article outlines how teams can make connections that may go unnoticed to the untrained eye.