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Our solutions propel organizations to operate at the most powerful intersection in the world today: the intersection of diversity and innovation. We do this through a team-based approach that builds a strong, sustainable culture of innovation from the ground up. Imperatively, we tightly link this culture of innovation with an organization’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) agenda. While Volta, Leonardo, and Renaissance each produce their own distinct outcomes, they all follow the same underlying methodology behind the Medici Approach. Explore each solution to learn how we can meet your DEI and growth needs.


The Volta Portfolio (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion)

Volta is our portfolio of dynamic products that enable organizations to electrify their growth objectives by connecting diversity, equity, and inclusion to their business. We equip them to harness the multidimensional aspects of diversity to drive innovation.

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The Leonardo Process (Innovation)

Leonardo is our proven innovation process for boosting an organization’s ability to rapidly create, iterate and scale groundbreaking ideas. We take teams through high-energy, day-long innovation workshops, all the way up to full-scale accelerator programs.

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The Renaissance Platform (Transformation)

Renaissance is our flagship transformation platform. We partner with organizations to overhaul their approach to innovation. We do this by building an adaptable model that uses diverse and inclusive teams to drive growth and innovation at all levels.