The need to create fresh, breakthrough ideas and to subsequently put those ideas into action has skyrocketed. Medici Leonardo™ is a time-tested suite of powerful products  for generating breakthrough ideas that we have implemented with thousands of teams around the world. By prioritizing diversity, serendipity, action over analysis, and speed, Leonardo products have  generated impactful growth opportunities at some of the highest-performing organizations in the world. Using a hybrid model of live, virtual, and digital elements, Leonardo enables organizations to search for inspiration in the most unexpected places.

Leonardo Da Vinci envisioned a world full of new possibilities. His example inspires us to enable every person in an organization to tap into their innate innovative abilities.

Ask us how the Leonardo process can help you create powerful new ideas.



Leonardo is an idea factory. Through fast-paced, goal-directed ideation, your team will create hundreds or even thousands of ideas on a compressed timeline. For short-term ideation sprints, choose The Medici Method™. For integrating these ideas into the organization, inquire about our Portfolio Accelerator, Medici REV™, powered by the SES® (Smallest Executable Step) implementation strategy, which prioritizes speed, agility, and dynamic resource allocation.


Medici REV™ 6-16 Weeks

The Medici Method™
2-4 Hours

The Medici Method™ XT
1-1.5 Days

“The Medici Group has a proven process that unleashes the human spirit...Often the most innovative people in your company are not the most outspoken. Finding people with really good ideas, but who were uncomfortable expressing them is a challenge, but also an opportunity if you create fertile, safe environments.”

JOHN GEYER |  CEO, MetLife Digital Ventures


The Medici Method is  a high-energy innovation workshop that emboldens leaders to create an explosion of new ideas. This workshop helps teams explore entirely new directions through harnessing different perspectives across functions, industries, backgrounds and more. In this fast-paced workshop, participants will experience Medici Storming a technique Inc Magazine, called one of the “few brainstorming techniques that still work.”


In this extended version of our premier Medici Method workshop, participants develop an implementation strategy for their ideas powered by the Smallest Executable Step methodology, and learn how to prep their ideas for launch. Organizations have relied on The Medici Method for strategic planning, creating new products and services, developing patent ideas, and tackling persistent team challenges in a fun but effective way.

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Our flagship innovation product, Medici REV, is a portfolio accelerator that enables an organization to simultaneously launch between 3-12 hyper-diverse teams focused on creating ideas that solve a specific innovation challenge. Throughout the accelerator, Medici will coach teams to rapidly test their ideas and learn from their failures while strategically allocating their resources. Some teams advance while others are deselected as the client hones in on the teams with the most promising ideas.



Explore how clients have used Leonardo to create powerful, new ideas for their organizations.


Disney: Digitizing a physical experience

Using the Portfolio Accelerator, runDisney created 6 diverse teams that explored multiple ways to generate new revenue and fan engagement around their beloved in-park road races. Virtual Runs was the result: a global, digital platform that has expanded the fan experience globally.


MetLife: Innovation in Latin-America

Following their $15B merger, MetLife and Alico leaders from across Latin America engaged Medici’s Portfolio Accelerator to come together to innovate and develop new products, services, and strategies that drove growth in the region.  


Global Media Company: quickly develop pilot concepts

Medici helped a major media company with a presence in over 100 countries, to create 10 diverse teams that, through the Portfolio Accelerator, developed (on extremely limited budgets) a number of different pilots and pilot concepts. Three of them were green-lit for development.


Global biopharma: Increase medication adherence

A major global biopharma company used the Incubation Ready process, to find new ways to increase adherence to a specific medication where patients struggled to maintain usage. Hyper-diverse teams created hundreds of ideas and then selected 7 to further develop through small tests.


Harlequin: Brand extension

Harlequin, the global publisher of romance novels, used our Portfolio Accelerator to diversify their collection of brands and create new sources of revenue. Medici worked with 9 teams who within six months, had a wine business distributed on Amazon that featured labels inspired by vintage book covers.


World Wildlife Fund: Fight Climate Change

WWF Climate Savers brought leaders from companies across the globe together in Stockholm to undergo the Medici Effect Storming process. Leaders developed hundreds of ideas for how corporations could join forces to fight climate change.

“Our international partnership and recognition strategy, created with the assistance of The Medici Group, has seen the Trinidad and Tobago IFC knock on the doors of New York, London, Toronto, Dubai and Beijing, to meet with global leaders in the financial services industry at the highest levels... We now have working relationships with a number of IFCs across the globe.” 

FRANCO SIU CHONG | Chairman, Trinidad & Tobago International Finance Centre