Executive Diversity and Innovation Experience by The Medici Group

Executive Diversity and Innovation Experience by The Medici Group


Dates: November 12th & 13th

Location: New York City


Companies today need to operate with far greater agility and improve their capacity for innovation--or risk complete disruption. The key to this shift is transitioning to a new model of fast-moving, diverse and inclusive teams that can rapidly uncover new, innovative pathways for growth. Diversity and inclusion (D&I) executives can play a critical role in creating sustainable structures that enable organizations to form and leverage diverse and inclusive teams that are highly engaged and can unlock breakthroughs.

Medici is launching its first exclusive event for D&I executives focused on building and sustaining diverse and inclusive teams. This two-day event will supercharge professionals’ capacity to drive growth and innovation in their organization. Join us at this inaugural event taking place on November 12th and 13th in New York City. This is a highly customized, invite-only, 1.5-day executive experience that will bring together a select number of Chief Diversity Officers and executives working in diversity functions.


The training will enable D&I executives  to: 

  • Learn how to harness the most powerful intersection in the world today--D&I and innovation--and develop skills to further accelerate their organization’s D&I and innovation journey. 

  • Immerse themselves in thought leadership that explores how diverse and inclusive teams can and will play a critical role in navigating a fast-moving world and will be the source of the next generation of game-changing ideas. 

  • Gain strategies to become effective influencers and partners in building high-performing teams within their organizations. 

  • Develop relationships with diversity executives from a wide range of sectors and step into the intersection--a place where cultures, disciplines, and backgrounds collide to generate breakthroughs.


$950.00 per participant. 

*Participants must cover additional expenses such as travel and lodging.

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