Episode 7: Princess Jeannette zu Fürstenberg on Art, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship 

Frans speaks with Princess Jeannette zu Fürstenberg about how the Medici Effect added a whole new perspective on work and life. During the conversation, Princess Jeannette takes us back to the height of the Renaissance, and reveals why the world’s greatest visionaries (then and now) live at the intersection of art and entrepreneurship. She also talks about creating disruptive potential, reveals how a violin gave way to one of her grandfather’s greatest innovations, and explores the true power of polarities.


Ever since her PhD dissertation on the intersection of entrepreneurship and art during the Renaissance (using the example of the Medici family) Dr. Jeannette zu Fürstenberg’s focus has strongly been on entrepreneurial innovation. In that spirit, she co-founded La Famiglia, a European based venture capital fund investing in early stage tech companies. Her main interest is hereby to create synergies between old and new economy. Together with her husband she also created the contemporary art program ‘Fürstenberg Zeitgenössisch’ where she is strongly involved in finding and choosing new artists for their yearly grant program, exhibition and collection. 

Fürstenberg Zeitgenössisch

Philip Musey