medici moves Espn

The Digital & Print unit grew their global  fan-base by 60%  to 120 million monthly unique visitors across platforms.

“One of the tasks I asked Medici to work with me on was looking at our management, looking at our decision making, looking at the talent we have, helping me identify opportunities…We went from being an also-ran in Mexico to being number one. We went from being an also-ran in Australia to being number one …And we won the national magazine award for general excellence in Alison Overholt’s first year [as Editor-in-Chief of ESPN Magazine, and the first female editor of any major sports magazine]."

JOHN KOSNER | EVP Digital and Print, ESPN


medici moves synchrony

Senior leaders at Synchrony developed new business initiatives that were incorporated into the CEO’s 2020 vision strategy.


"At Synchrony, we strive to be pioneers in financial services: this requires constant reinvention and risk-taking. The Medici Program enabled our leaders to develop breakthrough growth opportunities and transform the way we think about innovation. Through our work with Medici, we now embrace bold, new ideas, execute with speed, and take chances. It is this type of smart risk-taking that will sustain Synchrony's growth for the years to come. The Medici Approach has provided our leaders with the tools and mindset that will drive our company's long-term prosperity, and taught us today how to become tomorrow's innovators."

MARGARET KEANE | CEO, Synchrony Financial


MEDICI moves spotify

Spotify empowered and mobilized internal ambassadors for a new approach to diversity and inclusion over a two-day Inclusion Summit designed by Medici.

“Embracing our differences ensures that Spotify continues to be the destination where we can connect the dots and move both culture and innovation. A large portion of our time [at the summit] was spent in workshops on how to efficiently utilize team diversity to generate, select, and execute better ideas. We learned methods and tools for inclusion in practice…All summit delegates now have the assignment to bring these tools back to their organizations.” 

ISA NOTERMANS | Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Spotify


medici moves mASTERCARD

Mastercard leaders activated their direct reports to leverage the connection between diversity and innovation.

"I brought Frans to speak to my leadership, and his powerful message and memorable delivery helped change how we thought about innovation. He returned many times to Mastercard, and in addition, his workshops enabled us to spread [Medici] thinking throughout the enterprise."

AJAY BANGA | CEO, Mastercard


medici moves metlife

Following their $15b merger, MetLife and Alico leaders from across Latin America came together as one to innovate and develop new products, services, and strategies that drove growth in the region.

"The Medici Group has a proven process that unleashes the human spirit...Often the most innovative people in your company are not the most outspoken. Finding those people who had really good ideas, but were uncomfortable expressing them is a challenge, but also an opportunity if you create fertile, safe environments.

JOHN GEYER |  SVP Innovation, MetLife


medici moves trinidad and tobago


The Trinidad & Tobago International Finance Centre elevated its reputation and its reach globally as a competitive financial market.

“Our international partnership and recognition strategy, created with the assistance of The Medici Group, has seen the Trinidad and Tobago IFC knock on the doors of New York, London, Toronto, Dubai and Beijing, to meet with global leaders in the financial services industry at the highest levels... We now have working relationships with a number of IFCs across the globe.” 

FRANCO SIU CHONG | Chairman, Trinidad and Tobago International Finance Centre

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medici moves nike

Nike shifted mindsets globally by connecting diversity and inclusion to innovation.

“[The Medici Effect Workshop] is a four-hour experience that we have made into our signature experience for all Nike teams around the world. It has allowed teams to be more more intentional about why it's important to have a diverse perspective...and why the teams need to be working in an inclusive environment…it's all for the sake of innovation.”

GINA WARREN | VP of Diversity & Inclusion, Nike


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