General Application to The Medici Group

This year’s Casting Call application window is closed, but we encourage you to still submit your application below. Opportunities can be unpredicted and unexpected, and know that our team reads every application.

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Please paste your resume here, formatted and easy to read, along with any additional information you would like to share with us to support your candidacy.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How detailed should my responses be?

Please keep your answers concise while providing us enough insight into who you are. Our recommendation is to keep responses to 100-150 words.

What is the Casting Call?

This is our group interview process where we get to know you and how you work, and you get to know us. We will provide you with at least two weeks’ notice so you can arrange your schedule.

When is the Casting Call?

We usually schedule this in the February or March timeframe—which we understand makes it hard for those recruiting in the fall. Based on need, we may sometimes recruit both seasons.

How can I prepare for the Casting Call?

Good question. We recommend you bring your whole self to the event—and have fun.

Can I just email you my resume?

You can, but we find resumes limiting. We would still want to see an application from you.

Additional questions? Send us a note.