Our Capabilities

We help organizations solve complex challenges relating to people and growth.


Develop Vision and Strategy

Whatever sector or industry you are in, whatever expertise or competitive advantage you have mastered, whatever rules or norms you have come to understand—all of them are changing. We work with C-level executives to meet these changes head on and embolden their leadership and organization in creating a legacy that goes beyond shareholder or stakeholder value.

Change Mindset and Culture

However many patents you hold, new products you release, or frontier markets you enter—growth is driven by people. Any effort to build innovation capacity requires an examination of your culture, practices, structures, and models. These may have taken you to this point, but may not be enough for the next stage. We work with clients to implement leadership models, shift behaviors, and create sustainable structures that foster a culture where individuals are empowered to take ownership in their organization’s innovation future.

Create Breakthrough Innovation

Breakthrough innovation is unpredictable, yet many still operate with the same formulas for success when the rules have changed. In industry after industry, the stakes are higher than ever: shortened product life cycles, lower barriers to entry, and competition from unexpected places. We take organizations and teams to where these changes are occurring—at the intersections of fields, industries, cultures, and disciplines—and enable them to find and exploit these intersections rapidly and easily to drive innovation continuously.

Inspire Action

The best ideas or most significant initiatives mean nothing unless people feel compelled to act, to move, to take that first, second and third step. We have a long tradition of catalyzing organizations through powerful keynotes—our CEO is widely seen as one of the best speakers in the world. We have taken the essence of these powerful talks and can use it to activate hundreds or thousands of your people through incredibly powerful, collaborative experiences and events.