Cover Story: What Box?

The Medici Group CEO Frans Johansson graces the cover of the latest Black Enterprise. The cover story features Frans’ thought leadership and how the firm works with companies to innovate through an approach thats focuses on diversity and execution. Clients MetLife and Nike are prominently cited. Here’s what they had to say:

Cindy Davis, president of Nike Golf, noted that the Medici process “really created an even more robust conversation about ideas and innovation and how to look at opportunities or challenges and how that comes together to create and even more exciting solution.”

Gina Warren, Nike’s vice president of global diversity and inclusion, on the global program, “Diversity and Innovation: The Medici Effect”, licensed from The Medici Group: “It’s a four-hour experience that we have made our signature experience for all Nike teams around the world.”

John Geyer, vice president of innovation at MetLife on what makes The Medici Group different: “Most other companies had the same pitch—do a bunch of market research, do a bunch of interviews and focus groups—like a formula. Frans and The Medici Group had a different formula: Bring together a bunch of diverse people, brainstorm intensely like you’ve never brainstormed before, ruthlessly prioritize, and go out and experiment—in a few months instead of a few years.”