Diversity is innovation. Unpredictability is opportunity. Strategy is execution. 

Intersectional Thinking

The Medici Group's approach to innovation, Intersectional Thinking, harnesses the power of diversity, the click moments that come from intersections, and the insights born out of action. This approach brings together possibilities from diverse perspectives with a Smallest Executable Step™ focus that allows organizations to be agile in sidestepping common traps of innovation and unpredictable forces.

Intersectional Thinking challenges a world where specialization is highly valued, functional teams the norm, logic rules decisions, and confidence is comfort. Our approach and mindset requires a reframing of what diversity means, creating collision-prone environments, and even placing ourselves in uncomfortable situations. We deeply believe that Intersectional Thinking enables individuals to tap into their most creative selves, and empower them to be innovation leaders. 

Medici’s work has … provided a framework and initiative to make changes. There are many positive developments in progress inspired, enhanced or somehow touched by [our] interaction with Medici.
— John Kosner, EVP, Digital & Print Media, ESPN