One of the world’s most innovative companies wants to up its game.

In 2008, Nike started a journey with The Medici Group to up its culture of innovation by breaking down silos and leveraging diversity. We designed a program that became the “signature experience for all Nike teams around the world.” In 2013, Fast Company named Nike the most innovative company in the world.

When business strategists think about “expanding markets,” their instinct is geographic. But when your company is already in 40 countries, how do you think about expansion. One team looked at other sports as new markets. Can one sport appeal to a completely different sport?

Sustainability had been a stated priority for five years at Nike and one team took it further in three months than anyone else in the business. The team’s initial ambition to make golf more water-efficient hit a dead end, but they took a U-turn that led to a more viable solution.

Resilient teams take curveballs and make plays that count. One team’s idea around fashion was rejected, but on the way out the door, serendipity struck. The result: a semester-long course at a local institution devoted to Nike apparel. In three months, 24 designs become a reality.

Medici ... is a revolutionary way to approach innovation. This idea can revolutionize the game, revolutionize [us], and, ultimately, revolutionize [our] brand.
— Participant, Nike