The world’s leading sports authority wants to go on the offense.

With a broadening viewership base from around the globe, ESPN needed to diversify its content. Medici worked with the network to identify areas where ESPN could expand and adapt its coverage to appeal to increasingly diverse viewers. 


In July 2014, ESPN Digital and Print Media was coming off incredibly successful coverage of the World Cup with an expanded international audience. They came to The Medici Group to build on that momentum and continue to expand their thinking on content around multicultural and global markets.

By applying an Intersectional Thinking approach, Medici is actively working to help ESPN Digital & Print Media continue to think differently about how diversity can drive them towards expanding markets.

This is a time when consumers want whatever they want wherever they want it on the device they want. It’s no longer about just sitting in front of the TV.
— President, ESPN, Inc. Co-Chairman, Disney Media Networks