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Our true advantage comes from our diversity, agility, and fearlessness. 

Your perspectives, background, culture, and work and life experiences matter greatly, and will only further strengthen our team and help us leave a footprint on the world.

We have closed applications for our february casting call but accept applicants on a rolling basis.

We are are scaling fast and always seeking extraordinary talent with endless curiosity and powerful presence. We hold regular Casting Calls to find our next Medicians, and invite you to apply for our an upcoming Casting Call.

We are always looking to hire in number of positions, such as analysts (1-2 years experience), associates (2-4 years experience), consultants (4-6 years experience), and directors (8+ years experience). We also have specialist roles for those with strong skills in facilitation and/or training and proven experience coaching and mentoring executives, teams, and startups.

These client-facing roles are critical to our ability to continue delivering exceptional service in all our engagements. Example projects include helping clients develop strategic growth options; assessing their organization’s culture, leadership, and innovation challenges; and building the frameworks and systems to foster and sustain innovation.

Who should apply:

  • You can come from all levels, from senior leadership positions to college graduates
  • You can come from virtually any background, not just an MBA or business
  • If you do have an MBA-type background, you should be willing to question some fundamental assumptions about that training
  • You want to be engaged in extremely interesting, global assignments with exciting clients

Candidates should have AT LEAST ONE of the following skills:

  • Dexterity in moving comfortably between the world of creativity and the more structured world of business
  • Mastery in credibly building relationships with senior executive levels
  • Expertise in navigating the stakeholders, ambitions, and levels of authority at large corporations
  • Outstanding and dynamic presentation skills that can captivate any audience
  • Compelling presence and ability to facilitate action-driven discussions with employees, managers, and executives at all levels
  • Experience in coaching teams to excel, both in person and virtually from anywhere in the world
  • Adroitness and creativity in researching companies and industries
  • Excellent communication skills across a variety of media and audiences

Some important attributes we value in potential employees: 

  • Strong belief in diversity as a competitive advantage
  • Adventurous, willing to learn, and not afraid of failure
  • Passionate, ambitious, and hard working
  • Self-motivated and resourceful

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