STep up YOUR speed

We help clients learn how to innovate—and do this at full speed. They do this by harnessing a secret weapon unique to only their organization: the diversity of their people. 

Clients come to us because they’re looking for something different

The only company that I know that teaches the practical steps that actually make innovation happen.
— Lorie Valle-Yañez, Chief Diversity Officer, MassMutual

They’ve brought in strategy firms that delivered a lengthy set of recommendations, most of which end up in the binders they came in. They’ve worked with ideation firms, and generated ideas that went nowhere. They've relied on innovation firms to create cool new products but leaves their team in the dark on how to innovate.

At The Medici Group, we specialize in developing new revenue opportunities, future leaders, and innovative cultures. We show you how to innovate and grow, even when the rules are changing; develop next-generation leaders that can execute, even in the face of uncertainty; and create a self-sustaining culture of innovation that can withstand even the most volatile markets.

Our founder, Frans Johansson, is the innovation thought leader who created and popularized the term “Medici Effect.” The Medici Effect is the result of the phenomenon that happened in Florence, when diverse concepts, cultures, and disciplines intersected, leading to one of Europe's most creative eras, the Renaissance. The “intersection” is where groundbreaking innovation happens.